Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Planet Piss

One of the things that sucks about our new office location is that the bathroom is very... echoey and in close relation to well, everybody. So it pretty much sounds like the bathroom user is right there in the room with you. Dude, I don't want to hear people (like my boss) pissing but more importantly I don't want them to hear me. So every time I go to the bathroom here, I turn on the faucet (which I'll add, only has cold water - hot is not even an option *) which provides hopefully just enough noise so I don't think they can hear me tinkle. Also I'm really tired of taking the lid off of the tank, jiggling the crusty metal chain/shoelace device in order to get the flapper (which doesn't even look like it fits properly) to you know, go back down and not make the toilet run constantly. Hey, I'm no plumber (but have been known to show some plumber's crack) but I do seem to know when a toilet needs a jiggling. Yeah, that sounded bad.

* which probably doesn't matter since I can also hear that they're not washing their hands anyway

Geez, my bathroom issues seem to be a recurring theme here, look:
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Rootietoot said...

I hate HATE when people can hear my in my most private moments. I do NOT want people to know when I poo or pee. If I worked where you are I'd become massively retentive. Or more massively than I already am.

---- said...

Oh mylanta, that's god-awful! And it's a no-win situation, 'cuz even if you turn on the water to mask the pee/poop sounds, everyone's all like, "Oh, she's just trying to cover up the sound" and they'll think you're all uptight. And if you don't attempt to muffle things, then everyone gets to hear you do your business. UGH. Find a better job, Lady!!

And a random bathroom thought: I hate that at our house, the bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen. I don't even have to go into deets -- that's just an all-around bad situation for everyone.

And I'm sorry I'm slacking on e-mail. I suck almost as bad as your company's bathroom situation.

KC said...

At least your co-workers aren't using the facilities while leaving the door open. Or are they?

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when people answer their cell phones from the head?
Sorry, just wanted to add my pet pee, I mean peave.

Nervous Girl said...

rootie - I know, I find myself thinking "would you all please leave already so I can go to the bathroom?!"

nora - ha, you're tellin me! I know they probably don't give a shit (ha ha) but you know, I'm paranoid!

kc - no, but there is about an inch or two gap from the bathroom door to the floor so it sounds like it!

iamnot - do you mean when people answer while in the can or just in general? I know, it bugs me too - I even wrote a post about it here!

Mr. Husbland said...

I think that's the worst office condition that I've ever heard about.

If you need help/tips/advice on your resume, just email me.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya...i HATE when I think others are listening.