Thursday, August 31, 2006

Smell ya later

Newsflash: Nervous Girl is feeling nervous. Uneasy. Panicky. Weird.
The inevitable moving to the new office is happening whether I like it or not. Today. Maybe it will be better. It will be different. Yep.
At least a good thing is I didn't looove the place we've been in. In fact, we could be getting out of this place just in time. For the last week or so, this place has been smelling like one big ol' toilet. It's not just the bathroom area that stinks, but the adjacent furnace/air room too - and subsequently when the air comes on, it blows dirty toilet smell through the vents. There was some ungodly toilet problem here last year in which poo-water bubbled up from the drain in the bathroom, causing a stinky flood. Yeah, gross. It was unfortunate that it happened to this sweet old woman (on crutches, no less!) who had stopped in to use the bathroom and got a little more than she bargained for. But she must've been used to toilet trouble, as she told us "Oh yeah, we live out in the country - you can't even flush toilet paper at our house." Hmm. Anyway, when the douchebag from roto-rooter came to fix it, he just got all haughty and blamed it on us women-folk and our flushing of feminine products. "Oh yahh, get a bunch of women together flushin those things and it'll do a number on your system, heh heh" Psshht. Then he touched our doorknob with his poopy glove and when he left, backed his truck into the building and then peeled out of the parking lot, pulled into the lot across the street, checked his truck for damage and then took off. What a dipshit. Or shitdipper. Whatever. The point is, I don't think whatever was wrong actually got fixed, even after our crash course in tampon disposal. So yeah, good to get out of here in the nick of time before that toilet just feckin blows up.
Anyhoo, limited amount of time before my precious computer here has to be taken down and moved - and then we won't have internet until probably Tuesday. Of course, I can use the 'puter at home on my own time, but what fun is that? Bleh, I have to go.


HemisphereDancer said...

You women and your vaginas.

All the ills of society emerging henceforth I tell you...

BTW, congrats on the upcoming nuptials.

Marriage is like dating, only it's more expensive when you break up.

iamnot said...

I hate to defend the roto-guy...but can you imagine his job...the things he must roto out of all sorts of nasty places?
Don't be nervous. Change is good.
And don't listen to any pessimism about marriage! I hear the 3rd time is the good one.

Grafs said...

How typical...If he couldn't fix it, it must be females' fault. Vag's or not, nothing can stop up a toilet like a testosterone-fueled torpedo. Do I sound like I hate men? It must be THAT time of the month. :)

Mr. Husbland said...

Admit that you've been killing your plumbing just to get a new office! Caught red handed! (yes that's called a pun)