Friday, April 24, 2009

The Lady Next Door's Greatest Hits, Vol 1

Haah? (The I Can't Hear You Song)

Uh-uh, I Ain't Playin!

Get Yourself To Church

Gimme One A Them Seizure Salads And A Parfet

Look Like You Tore Up From The Floor Up

Can't Talk To Me Like That (Not Your Mama Remix)

Bonus Track: 8 Minute Cackling/Pounding Fist On Desk Solo

(Overheard at work.)
(She's a counselor... of sorts.)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Some quick church-related items:

  • Yesterday, I was driving behind a van that was printed with "Follow me to meet Jesus!" and I debated on whether this was a clever idea or maybe a warning not to tailgate? 
  • I know last Sunday was Easter and all, but "For all you do - His bloods for you" on a church sign seems... well again, somewhere between clever and just bad taste. 
  • Speaking of bad taste, I was raised Catholic and remember after my first sip of wine at Communion, I returned to my seat and excitedly whispered "That wine really does taste like blood!" where - as you can imagine - I was quickly shushed.