Thursday, April 16, 2009


Some quick church-related items:

  • Yesterday, I was driving behind a van that was printed with "Follow me to meet Jesus!" and I debated on whether this was a clever idea or maybe a warning not to tailgate? 
  • I know last Sunday was Easter and all, but "For all you do - His bloods for you" on a church sign seems... well again, somewhere between clever and just bad taste. 
  • Speaking of bad taste, I was raised Catholic and remember after my first sip of wine at Communion, I returned to my seat and excitedly whispered "That wine really does taste like blood!" where - as you can imagine - I was quickly shushed. 


Swistle said...

Love this.

There's a church near us that does letterboard stuff, and I'm always half-impressed, half-wondering if they really want to reduce their religion to things that will fit on a letterboard.

There's another church that just put "JESUS CHRIST" on their letterboard, and whenever I see it I read it like a statement of extreme exasperation: "Jesus CHRIST!!"

Nervous said...

Swistle - Ha! I try to be on the lookout for church sign amusement, and there's one that I think does it intentionally. Another favorite they had up for a while was "DAMN IS NOT GODS LAST NAME"