Thursday, March 29, 2007

I told ya I was trouble

Yeah, that's right - I'm old as hell! Well, comparatively...
So I added a new CD (yeah, I got it all legit from a store and everything!) to my collection, it's by Amy Winehouse. She's pretty badass, but other than that I don't know how to describe her really. She's British, and at first I thought she was like a Nelly Furtado but with edge, but I'm sure that doesn't do her justice. The music has kind of a jazzy, old-school R&B feel sometimes, and her voice tends to remind me of Lauryn Hill but with even more 'tude. Anyway. Here's a link to her video "Rehab" which is one of the catchiest tracks on the album. Oh! But the whole point was that I got CARDED before the girl (probably high-school age) would even ring it up! I'm assuming because it had an explicit lyrics sticker on it? Pshht. Bollocks, I say!

Snarky "Idol" Notes
Ok, last time I mentioned it, I was a bit harsh on Gwen Stefani. She was pretty nice and subdued with the coaching though. It's too bad that the people who did choose her songs picked the worst possible ones - I think even she thought so. And apparently no one has ever heard The Cure's "Lovesong" as performed by 311? Because that's all that Blake did - and not even very well, so please quit telling him he's so fresh and original. But unfortunately, one of my personal faves, Chris Richardson (you know - the Timberlake wannabe) wasn't too impressive either. I was also sort of hoping that Haley would start maybe doing better - but her performance was totally WEAK, and I'm starting to think she's probably kind of a bitch. I'm actually liking Phil more and more - as long as I just forget about that revolting Leann Rimes song he did a while back. And I already told you I wouldn't really miss Chris Sligh if he left, I was surprised other people felt the same way.

Thinly-Veiled Criticisms
They're right up there with back-handed compliments. Don't do it. Just don't. Especially around me, because I'm fucking paranoid and self-conscious and on the lookout for criticisms anyway. Some people may think they can do this cleverly, but it's usually just immature and obnoxious. Example: Former friend & co-worker, whose hobby was inflicting as much psychological grief on others as possible (um, yeah - I have no better name for her) would say things loudly to other people, but in my direction, such as "well the only color I can't stand is pink - I HATE pink, I don't know how ANYONE could wear it" knowing full well that I'm standing right there with a pink shirt on. Ahaha! Good one, bitch! What're we in, 4th grade? Oh, her comments got better than that, but it's one of the most blatant remarks that came to mind. So when my boss goes on for half an hour about what a lazy piece of crap his cousin (seemingly nice guy, btw) is because he sleeps in on the weekends (God forbid!) and is too selfish to have children, therefore has no purpose in life, (don't get me started!) I will of course, think that it's the same kind of shit he thinks about me. And now that I write it out, I don't care so much - just proves that he's the kind of dick who feels better about himself saying shit like that about other people. Nevermind.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hold your horses

My dreams have just been rich with action-packed nonsense lately. If I'm not having some sort of nightmare, then it still has to be something ridiculous and/or frustrating. Like trying to jack off two guys at the same time, but one is saying "faster" while the other one is insisting "slow down" and realizing that I'm really not ambidextrous after all, so somebody's out of luck.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My head hurts when it's rainy out, like today

  • Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? Did things get weird? Do people even do that anymore these days? There was a guy on the side of the road with a sign that said "airport" yesterday on my way to work and I felt horribly guilty because I was going right past the airport, but didn't stop. But you know, I have to say that whole unabomber look he had going on didn't help his chances.
  • My man brought home some Mayan Chocolate Haagen Dazs last night (because yeah, he RULES!) I normally don't get too excited about chocolate ice cream, but it's dark chocolate, plus it has a gooey ripple and cinnamon in it - it was different and actually quite tasty.
  • And for the usual American Idol notes: I don't think I'd miss Chris Sligh or Gina Glocksen too much if either of them got the boot, along with the obligatory Sanjaya. But you know, I do think that last night Sanjaya really did "bring it" as much as he possibly could, and at least he let go a little bit - not to say that made the singing much better. I'm not as big a fan of Haley's as I had been earlier in the competition, but like everyone says she did look pretty foxy up there. I kept wondering if we were going to get a glimpse of some side-boob in that shirt - nope! Right now, I'm really hoping Jordin Sparks stays up there as one of the top contenders. And my god, did they get enough shots of that starstruck girl crying in the audience? But I remember that feeling and probably would've done the same thing - but then again I'd nearly hyperventilate even over boys in the highschool talent show.
  • Our cat has The Softest belly fur ever. And he'll even let you pet it without attacking your hand, unless he's really pissed off.
  • Yep, I really am this boring.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Someone's got dirty ears!

Well, we'll see how much the sweet kitty likes us after 2 frickin weeks of ear medicine twice a day. He's been really good about it so far though, considering. Can't say I wouldn't be a little pissed about having a bunch of refrigerated oily medicine dropped into my ears either - ughh!

We've pretty much decided on the name "Jonesy" for him. Though I do think "Mr. Furley" would be a pretty damn cute cat name too, though I'd probably be worried if he really had much resemblance to Don Knotts (no offense to the deceased, but you know what I mean.) But anyway, I'm just silly like that.

I'm not sure if I like this stage of American Idol that much. I mean, I guess a lot of them picked pretty shitty songs to begin with but at least they knew the songs a bit better that way when they weren't confined to certain selections. Still, I can see how that may keep the competition exciting. If the kids are going to work with Bon Jovi that should be um, kind of interesting - just don't let them do any songs off that most recent album PLEASE. Oh and you'll probably hate me for saying this, but how the fuck is Gwen Stefani going to coach anyone? Unless they all really need advice about how to perform with the expression of a bratty, pouting 4 year old. Will Chris Sligh try to be funny and pain us with his take on "I'm Just A Girl"? I guess Chris Richardson could probably kick it with "Hella Good" (but more likely my lesser favorite Blake Lewis would take that one) and maybe the girls could sing some of her other songs better than the original, so maybe that would be entertaining after all. But alright, I'll digress with my grumblings and just see what happens.

Did I ever tell you that one of my former coworkers would repeatedly call Justin Timberlake "Jason Timbaland"? That would crack me up every time. She'd also refer to Kurt Cobain as Kirk Colburn or something like that. We were joking about that last night while watching... what's his name? Bryan Seachest? Anyway, maybe it was funnier after throwing back a few.

Alright, I'm even boring myself at this point. See ya.

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's a cat!

Would you just look at our new fuzzy friend? We just got him yesterday afternoon and already he's warmed up to us (and the loveseat) quite nicely. Very laid back and snuggly. His name is yet to be decided. He is just so cool, and we are so happy to have him. Yay!

Random birding

This note for my boss pretty much explains the excitement I had at the office Friday - because really, that's about how exciting it gets. One of the fun things about having the office in an old house I suppose. Of course, when I'm alone has to be when this stuff happens. That might be a good thing, as I don't exactly trust the other occupants here to be as humane in those situations. I have no idea how the bird got in or how long he had been chillin' in the fake plants, but that sure woke me up when I walked by and it fluttered over my head! But hey, at least it didn't poop on me.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

There's a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you

I don't know. Just haven't been feelin it lately. I thought I wanted to explain my feelings, but then again I don't really want to show you how stupid they are. More than I already do. Blah.

We went to a couple pet adoption events this weekend. It was craziness. And by that I mean the people, not so much the pets. Still no cat to call my own, but I haven't lost hope. In fact I've invested way too much time into getting my hopes up even when it's not really necessary. Trying not to be discouraged. We'll find the right one, or the right one will find us. I just need to be patient.

Please let this winter crap be over soon.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shortened version of my two cents even though it doesn't matter at this point

This is the first season that I've been watching American Idol, for the most part. Oh shutup, I need something to look forward to, damnit! Anyway, I had started doing a overly-detailed recap of the last two night's performances, but for your sake and mine I'll try to shorten that up a bit and just comment on some of them. Okay, most of them. Here's my rundown:

Jared Cotter - yeah, dedicating "Let's Get It On" to your folks is pretty um, awkward? So was the song performance. He's alright but I think he'd do better as an underwear model or something.

AJ Tabaldo - now he's a pretty darn good singer, but the moves he does make me feel sort of embarrassed for him. I think he'll do well, but I just hope he doesn't do that shaking his arms over his head thing anymore.

Sanjaya Malakar - wow, that was just really weak. It seems like he's a nice kid with nice teeth and all, but I almost wonder if he's purposely failing out of guilt for his sister not making it. He really doesn't seem like he's giving it his all, or he's just not good at conveying emotion. I was surprised he made it after last time, and really wonder if he'll be around after tonight.

Nick Pedro - he did okay, but I really hated all the corny shots where they cut to the drummer during his song. Pfft. He's pretty cute, and that was a pretty good song choice for him - but he just doesn't have the vocal talent that some of the others have.

Blake Lewis - everyone seems to be on this guy's nuts in love with him. You know, I want to like him, but last week he did a really weak "Somewhere Only We Know" and this week he did "Virtual Insanity" - both of which are songs that I like, and I just don't think he did them as well as they gave him credit for, or that he gave himself credit for. Sure he's got the novelty of beat-boxing, but his singing could use some help. Still, I'm sure he'll stay in the competition for quite a while.

Chris Richardson - that was my favorite performance of the night. I missed him last week, so I didn't really know the extent of how well this guy can sing and perform. I want to hear more of him.

Gina Glocksen - you know, I've tried singing that "Alone" song on our American Idol Karaoke game at home, and it is a tough one. But I think she thought so too, because up until the end she was sort of shortening/skipping over all the tough notes that she could've really shown off with. But, I like her more than I did last week.

Alaina Alexander - she's a great flirt and really cute, but she just doesn't have the stamina or something, because again she sounds like she's running out of breath when she performs. A lot better than last week, but I wonder how much longer she'll stay.

Lakisha Jones - represent! Didn't really bring it like she did last week, but it goes without saying she has got one hell of a strong voice.

Melinda Doolittle - yep, she's a sweetheart and very modest about being one of the best singers there. But they've given shit to other girls about age, and I'm sorta surprised they haven't mentioned this one looking and sounding like she's 45. Not that it's a bad thing. I'm just sayin.

Antonella Barba - I don't even want to talk about her supposed "scandal" - she's just not that great of a singer and hasn't been from the beginning. But hey, she did hit the high note of that awful song and it was better than butchering Aerosmith last week. Don't worry about her - she can always do modeling instead.

Stephanie Edwards - I didn't like the song this time, but she's probably still safe. And they're right - she can do a hella-good Beyonce imitation.

Leslie Hunt - I don't know why exactly, but I just want to smack this girl. She's kind of one of those girls that has been given way too much positive reinforcement (probably from daddykins - just watch him shooting daggers at any negative comment from the judges) to be like "I'm FUNNY! I'm SPECIAL and different! Don't you get it? I am so wacky and funny - lookit me! Woo woo! Hahaha I am so great!" But still, it was way better than last week. Even though she did a song that's already been DONE recently. Feh.

Haley Scarnato - I think this girl is hot (or she could be), and I felt bad for her last week so I see why she wanted to do a really different style of song to show that she wasn't all "cabaret" or whatever they said. That didn't mean she had to pick an awful song though! Hopefully she'll be able to redeem herself.

My guesses as to who will be voted off? Or who probably should be? I'm gonna have to go with Sanjaya, Brandon, Alaina and Antonella. But I don't usually do well with guessing what the general public wants. We'll see!

- Update: Damn, I only guessed one right! I think everyone was a little surprised at a couple choices of who was safe to stay. And I feel kinda bad for my bitchy comments, because it is sad when any of them has to leave and they do all have somethin or another going for them. Ah well, they'll all be fine and successful I'm sure. I think Sanjaya was about as surprised as I was that he didn't get the boot! I'm tellin ya, I think he wants to go home at this point! Also, it was odd that the 2 peeps who sang the same song were both voted off. Thought Nick was a great sport about his dismissal. And damn, did they get in enough shots of Sundance crying last night?