Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My head hurts when it's rainy out, like today

  • Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? Did things get weird? Do people even do that anymore these days? There was a guy on the side of the road with a sign that said "airport" yesterday on my way to work and I felt horribly guilty because I was going right past the airport, but didn't stop. But you know, I have to say that whole unabomber look he had going on didn't help his chances.
  • My man brought home some Mayan Chocolate Haagen Dazs last night (because yeah, he RULES!) I normally don't get too excited about chocolate ice cream, but it's dark chocolate, plus it has a gooey ripple and cinnamon in it - it was different and actually quite tasty.
  • And for the usual American Idol notes: I don't think I'd miss Chris Sligh or Gina Glocksen too much if either of them got the boot, along with the obligatory Sanjaya. But you know, I do think that last night Sanjaya really did "bring it" as much as he possibly could, and at least he let go a little bit - not to say that made the singing much better. I'm not as big a fan of Haley's as I had been earlier in the competition, but like everyone says she did look pretty foxy up there. I kept wondering if we were going to get a glimpse of some side-boob in that shirt - nope! Right now, I'm really hoping Jordin Sparks stays up there as one of the top contenders. And my god, did they get enough shots of that starstruck girl crying in the audience? But I remember that feeling and probably would've done the same thing - but then again I'd nearly hyperventilate even over boys in the highschool talent show.
  • Our cat has The Softest belly fur ever. And he'll even let you pet it without attacking your hand, unless he's really pissed off.
  • Yep, I really am this boring.


Fluffycat said...

I picked up hitchhikers in college. It was kind of a Santa Cruz thing to do. Also we picked one up in Tahoe, but I was with the boyfriend so it wasn't too bad. Honestly though, the older I get, the more I think that everyone is a nutjob and I am less likely to trust some random person by the side of the road.

Yay for belly pets. I love doing that.

Quinn said...

I've never picked up a hitchhiker. Nowadays, whenever I see someone hitchhiking my first thought is "wait, people still do that?" and my second thought is "better not stop- with my luck I'll get the one that plans to hack me into little pieces and feed them to his goldfish."

That Nervous Girl said...

Yeah, hate to not be "helpful" but with my luck too I'd be the one to pick up some psycho person!

Will said...

If you were on the side of the road I'd stop.