Thursday, March 15, 2007

Someone's got dirty ears!

Well, we'll see how much the sweet kitty likes us after 2 frickin weeks of ear medicine twice a day. He's been really good about it so far though, considering. Can't say I wouldn't be a little pissed about having a bunch of refrigerated oily medicine dropped into my ears either - ughh!

We've pretty much decided on the name "Jonesy" for him. Though I do think "Mr. Furley" would be a pretty damn cute cat name too, though I'd probably be worried if he really had much resemblance to Don Knotts (no offense to the deceased, but you know what I mean.) But anyway, I'm just silly like that.

I'm not sure if I like this stage of American Idol that much. I mean, I guess a lot of them picked pretty shitty songs to begin with but at least they knew the songs a bit better that way when they weren't confined to certain selections. Still, I can see how that may keep the competition exciting. If the kids are going to work with Bon Jovi that should be um, kind of interesting - just don't let them do any songs off that most recent album PLEASE. Oh and you'll probably hate me for saying this, but how the fuck is Gwen Stefani going to coach anyone? Unless they all really need advice about how to perform with the expression of a bratty, pouting 4 year old. Will Chris Sligh try to be funny and pain us with his take on "I'm Just A Girl"? I guess Chris Richardson could probably kick it with "Hella Good" (but more likely my lesser favorite Blake Lewis would take that one) and maybe the girls could sing some of her other songs better than the original, so maybe that would be entertaining after all. But alright, I'll digress with my grumblings and just see what happens.

Did I ever tell you that one of my former coworkers would repeatedly call Justin Timberlake "Jason Timbaland"? That would crack me up every time. She'd also refer to Kurt Cobain as Kirk Colburn or something like that. We were joking about that last night while watching... what's his name? Bryan Seachest? Anyway, maybe it was funnier after throwing back a few.

Alright, I'm even boring myself at this point. See ya.


Peggasus said...

I am SOOOO bored with Idol already, I really don't care if I watch another episode until the very end, which will be between Melinda and LaKisha, and Melinda will win, despite her lack of a neck.

I started off kinda liking Blake, but now I just want kick his smarmy ass really, really badly. He tries WAY too hard to be so 'craa-aaa-zy,' and it bugs the shit out of me. What a tool.

Of course I say now that I won't watch, but there's nothing else on Tuesdays so I probably will. Who cares.

Fluffycat said...

How did you pick Jonesy? I think it suits him, but I was thinking of something like Creamsicle, which is kind of a lame name for a cat, but that's what he reminds me of with his coloring.

At the Humane Society, people give up so many pets with the name "Kitty" that it's ridiculous. There is always an orange cat named Pumpkin and a black cat named Blackie and a white cat named Snowball or Snowflake.

Love Monkey said...

I don't know why but people who tend to say things wrong say things wrong a lot. And people like me never correct them.

Quinn said...

Love the name!

That Nervous Girl said...

peg - I SOOO agree with you on all those points!

fluffycat - well, the name Jonesy (actually we might decide to spell it Jonesey) is partly from being the cat's name in the Alien movies, and partly the nickname of Deputy Jones on Reno 911! and partly just that we're silly and it sounded cute.