Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stay in there, ladies

Fun day. I made a bad undergarment decision while getting dressed this morning. So now at the office I keep grabbing my boobs (so nonchalantly of course) to make sure they haven't popped out of my bra, as a nip-slip would probably be pretty obvious under this thin shirt. Not saying that groping yourself while at work or boob-touching in general isn't fun and all, but this is just uncomfortable and annoying. And it's only like the second time I've worn this particular bra, damnit. I don't think I was getting the correct size there for a while or something, plus the brands tend to vary in how they fit and I'm not one to usually try them on. Anyway, I guess I underestimated with this one. I always wanted bigger boobs, and they are in fact bigger now than they've ever been. It's a false sense of accomplishment though - given that I am, as a whole, bigger than I've ever been. I'm currently in the much-needed process of dieting (ask me about my hunger pangs!) and getting in shape, so with my luck I'll probably lose some boob-fat in the process too. Then I'll have another set of ill-fitting bra issues. Yay.

Uh-oh. Excuse me. (Grab. Tuck. Adjust. Hoist.) There we go.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I tried ineffectively to drop the hint to my boss that our "natural refrigeration" system (i.e. setting beverages, etc. in a shady spot out on the porch at work to try to keep them cold) probably isn't going to work much longer now that it's started getting sunnier and the temperature is rising. Bring a cooler or a lunch-box with an icepack you say? Bah, I say! Alright, maybe. But a dorm-sized fridge was spoken of, nay, promised last summer - got my little hopes all up for something other than lukewarm lunches. But I won't push it. Oh, I know - such a spoiled little princess, aren't I? Next thing I'll be asking them to connect the hot water in the bathroom so I can wash my hands all fancy-style. Sheesh.

Fun fact: if you do have to drink them at room-temperature, diet coke is more bearable than diet pepsi for some reason, though I like them both about equally when they're cold. Huh.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ooh, clearance. Gimme.

Hi there.

Yeah, I haven't had much to blog about lately and I've been sick. Cough. Sniffle. Hork.

You know what I've been doing a lot of lately? Online bargain browsing. Ohh yeah. Not even shopping, really - because once I get to the point of actually selecting something and adding on the shipping costs, my palms start sweating and I back out. How lame is that? But I know myself, and I get wicked buyer's remorse - probably just decision-making remorse in general. Seriously, it's bad. Like going to some drive-thru restaurant and ordering a combo meal and then scolding myself by the time I get up to the window for not ordering off the value menu and pissed that I went impulsively with the chicken when I initially was going to get a burger and now it's too late and I'm fucked - that kind of bad. Once in a while, in certain situations, this almost-buying-something panic works to my advantage. You'd think it would make me a really smart shopper. Not necessarily true. I think I've just been so used to only bargain-hunting and the thrill of seeing a red clearance sticker that I haven't really allowed myself to chose quality over quantity. I mean, I can't afford to get TOO carried away with "quality", but damnit I can spend more than $10 on a bra that fits - I CAN. I mean, I can - right? Damn, I've got shopping issues.

Another note to add to my shopping rant - after spending time in malls and other obnoxious stores the last couple weekends - complete with bad air circulation, farting customers with no regards for "personal space", giggling and/or whining teenagers (the latter if they were shopping with mom for a prom dress - ugh), and salesclerks who would just as soon stab you than wait on you - the whole online shopping thing is looking a whole lot better to me. And you know what? A lot of online stores even have my beloved clearance sections - yes, it's like a clearance rack, but it's *online*! Woo hoo! I am ON it! Watch out, I'm a noob who just learned how to shop the internets! (I'm right up there with your grandma, I know.)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Wake me up when it's really spring

What's going on? What is this shit? Where are the updates? How much longer can we all smile and nod at the backside of this cat?

So it was winter, then it was spring for like two weeks - I almost came out of hibernation - and now it's winter again. Bullshit. Thanks a lot, Al Gore - we get your point. Now enough of this cold and snow crap already.

I shopped quite a bit over the weekend, didn't get much. Some of the mall stores just make me feel old and hateful. I'm starting to believe that what I've been denying is true: it's not the stores, it's not the clothes, it's me. I am the problem. I do not fit. I remember when clothes that flattered were easy to find. I remember when the styles were geared toward my demographic. And I remember having a body that I wasn't completely ashamed of! But alas, that was some time ago. That's a depressing fucking wake-up call.

I have a big ol' list of albums that I want to pick up. Man, I am behind on music because whenever I think that something "just came out" it's usually been out for 2 years already. I just got the new Shins album, and now my shopping-frenzied mind is on the new(ish) albums I've been sampling by Air, Zero 7, Jason Mraz, Jamiroquai (yes, Jamiroquai), Joss Stone, Keane, Aqualung, Modest Mouse and who knows what else just waiting out there to be had. Gimme gimme! Ah, I miss the grand old days of working at a [cheap] music store.

I think I'm coming down with a cold. It's about to be chicken soup time up in here. Aw yeah.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Not just any old cat butt

As they'd say on Cute Overload, would you just look at the furry 'tocks on this one? It's like he's sportin' some ultra-soft whitey-tighties.

- Yep, that's just catnip at his feet
- and yes, apparently most of our stuff is beige(!?) - but the cat does blend in quite nicely, dontcha think?