Monday, April 09, 2007

Wake me up when it's really spring

What's going on? What is this shit? Where are the updates? How much longer can we all smile and nod at the backside of this cat?

So it was winter, then it was spring for like two weeks - I almost came out of hibernation - and now it's winter again. Bullshit. Thanks a lot, Al Gore - we get your point. Now enough of this cold and snow crap already.

I shopped quite a bit over the weekend, didn't get much. Some of the mall stores just make me feel old and hateful. I'm starting to believe that what I've been denying is true: it's not the stores, it's not the clothes, it's me. I am the problem. I do not fit. I remember when clothes that flattered were easy to find. I remember when the styles were geared toward my demographic. And I remember having a body that I wasn't completely ashamed of! But alas, that was some time ago. That's a depressing fucking wake-up call.

I have a big ol' list of albums that I want to pick up. Man, I am behind on music because whenever I think that something "just came out" it's usually been out for 2 years already. I just got the new Shins album, and now my shopping-frenzied mind is on the new(ish) albums I've been sampling by Air, Zero 7, Jason Mraz, Jamiroquai (yes, Jamiroquai), Joss Stone, Keane, Aqualung, Modest Mouse and who knows what else just waiting out there to be had. Gimme gimme! Ah, I miss the grand old days of working at a [cheap] music store.

I think I'm coming down with a cold. It's about to be chicken soup time up in here. Aw yeah.


quinn said...

I don't remember a time when flattering clothes were EVER easy to find. I think I've been shopping in the wrong places my entire life. :(

Love Monkey said...

I miss the old cheap music stores too. That's partly why I hate the mall. Everything's generic.

The clothes now are not flattering on anyone - even 18 year old's.

Anonymous said...

I love Jamiroquai! That's nothing to be ashamed of!

I also frequent the used racks at the local record stores, and most CDs are priced at $4 or so. My husband has had a penchant for bringing home a lot of $1 promo ones from the bargain bin too, and we have found some great (otherwise unknown) artists that way.

Your demoraphic for clothes? Ha, I say! Ha! Try being my age and finding something that you don't look foolish in because it's either made for a teenager, or super-matronly in a polyester blend, or too Talbot-y and expensive.

~ Peggasus