Monday, April 16, 2007

Ooh, clearance. Gimme.

Hi there.

Yeah, I haven't had much to blog about lately and I've been sick. Cough. Sniffle. Hork.

You know what I've been doing a lot of lately? Online bargain browsing. Ohh yeah. Not even shopping, really - because once I get to the point of actually selecting something and adding on the shipping costs, my palms start sweating and I back out. How lame is that? But I know myself, and I get wicked buyer's remorse - probably just decision-making remorse in general. Seriously, it's bad. Like going to some drive-thru restaurant and ordering a combo meal and then scolding myself by the time I get up to the window for not ordering off the value menu and pissed that I went impulsively with the chicken when I initially was going to get a burger and now it's too late and I'm fucked - that kind of bad. Once in a while, in certain situations, this almost-buying-something panic works to my advantage. You'd think it would make me a really smart shopper. Not necessarily true. I think I've just been so used to only bargain-hunting and the thrill of seeing a red clearance sticker that I haven't really allowed myself to chose quality over quantity. I mean, I can't afford to get TOO carried away with "quality", but damnit I can spend more than $10 on a bra that fits - I CAN. I mean, I can - right? Damn, I've got shopping issues.

Another note to add to my shopping rant - after spending time in malls and other obnoxious stores the last couple weekends - complete with bad air circulation, farting customers with no regards for "personal space", giggling and/or whining teenagers (the latter if they were shopping with mom for a prom dress - ugh), and salesclerks who would just as soon stab you than wait on you - the whole online shopping thing is looking a whole lot better to me. And you know what? A lot of online stores even have my beloved clearance sections - yes, it's like a clearance rack, but it's *online*! Woo hoo! I am ON it! Watch out, I'm a noob who just learned how to shop the internets! (I'm right up there with your grandma, I know.)


Rootietoot said...

You know, I don't hardly ever buy from a store now. Christmas shopping to me involves a fresh cup of coffee, pajamas, and a credit card. I don't like crowds, weirdos or surly clerks. Oo! And the clearance sections of online catalogs! holy mackeral!

Quinn said...

Every time I'm in a mall I get twitchy. But I have to stay away from the internet stores because there's a part of me that thinks "yay! virtual store! I must be spending virtual money! And not headed toward virtual bankruptcy!"