Thursday, April 19, 2007


I tried ineffectively to drop the hint to my boss that our "natural refrigeration" system (i.e. setting beverages, etc. in a shady spot out on the porch at work to try to keep them cold) probably isn't going to work much longer now that it's started getting sunnier and the temperature is rising. Bring a cooler or a lunch-box with an icepack you say? Bah, I say! Alright, maybe. But a dorm-sized fridge was spoken of, nay, promised last summer - got my little hopes all up for something other than lukewarm lunches. But I won't push it. Oh, I know - such a spoiled little princess, aren't I? Next thing I'll be asking them to connect the hot water in the bathroom so I can wash my hands all fancy-style. Sheesh.

Fun fact: if you do have to drink them at room-temperature, diet coke is more bearable than diet pepsi for some reason, though I like them both about equally when they're cold. Huh.


Beckalicious said...

I agree. There's nothing worse than a lukewarm diet Pepsi.

iamnot said...

Don't you have a coffee pot?

Anonymous said...

So I guess you'll just have to take a chance your sandwiches or salads with cheeses, meats and mayo don't give you salmonella (or worse). Nice.

What a cheapass. Those things only cost about $60. Sheesh indeed.

~ Peggasus

That Nervous Girl said...

beck - right on.

iamnot - yes, actually we do have a coffee pot (and a microwave, even) but it hardly ever gets used since none of us is good about remembering to bring in bottled water and the stuff from the tap is pretty nasty.

peggasus - yeah, I usually have soup or dry goods but a sandwich or salad would be a nice change. Thanks for the support. :)

Quinn said...

When we moved into our official office space last year, I swear we had to go through about 5 different channels to get approval for a mini-fridge, so I feel your pain.