Monday, March 12, 2007

Random birding

This note for my boss pretty much explains the excitement I had at the office Friday - because really, that's about how exciting it gets. One of the fun things about having the office in an old house I suppose. Of course, when I'm alone has to be when this stuff happens. That might be a good thing, as I don't exactly trust the other occupants here to be as humane in those situations. I have no idea how the bird got in or how long he had been chillin' in the fake plants, but that sure woke me up when I walked by and it fluttered over my head! But hey, at least it didn't poop on me.


Beckalicious said...

I totally dig how you wrote "DUDE." That's something I would do. If I took messages. Which I don't.

Peggasus said...


We had a bird in our house a month or so ago too! The NosePicker had a mess of friends over, and with all the coming and going one sparrow (or something, who roost in the bush by the front door) got in! It flapped around for about a half hour or so, and Jinx almost caught it once after it momentarily knocked itself out running ito one of the skylights.

Of course we had to leave several doors open as we tried to shoo it out, which was not as much fun seeing as how it was about 0 out.

Such excitement, indeed!

I'll just double up on this comment to say: What a pretty cat! I'm sure you'll be very happy together! He looks so soft!

That Nervous Girl said...

beck - I thought you might like that - ha! :)

peg - I know, those silly birds! Glad to hear it didn't have to meet an awful fate, though that might've been fun for Jinx. And thank you - I'm really happy with our cat and he IS quite a softie!