Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stuff either happens or it doesn't

Yeah, so I really need to get a credit card. I got neeeds, yo. Expensive needs. Grown up needs. Don't try to talk me out of it. But I would preferably want to get like, say, maybe a credit card that's worth a shit? Because having only cleaned up my tainted credit recently and never having had a credit card, I only get the shit offers. They all gotta like start out with a modest $300 spending limit, which I can understand. But then they put all these fees & shit on the card right away so you actually get a card with like $76 left on it and a 21% interest rate. Fuckin shit. Bleh. I hate talking finances. Sorry about that, just don't mind me.

* Tell me what the title is a quote from and you will be sooo coool.


Feral Mom said...

DO NOT get a Capital One card. They thought I was elderly and fucked with me on the phone. How do I know they thought I was elderly? I passed the phone to Mr. Feral when I couldn't take it anymore and the tone changed dramatically because they thought he was my fucking SON: "Are you speaking on behalf of your mom?" And all over $80 too--the "Silver" card! Extortion! Fuckers! Ahem. Carry on.

Peggasus said...

If you get offers in the mail (don't we all?), check some of those out. Some of them have really low rates for the first 1 1/2 years or so, and if you pay on time and stuff, they will raise your limit and keep giving you low rates. WaMu (what a stupidass name) is one, and I think Chase has a good deal too.

And you should NEVER have to pay an annual fee. And most of them you can pay online, which is convenient.

Ver. 2.8 said...

congrats on locking in the man :)

"Stuff either happens or it doesn't " is from a VW ad I think

Nervous Girl said...

feral mom - I'll keep that in mind, definitely NOT COOL!

peggasus - yeah, the annual fees and start-up fees and the "we already know you're a sucker" fees are bullshit. The higher interest rate I can understand. I'm probably going to have to seek out the offer myself, since all that come in the mail are shitty ones.

ver 2.8 - well hello and thank you. You guessed the commercial, awesome! That one gets my attention every time & I think it's kinda clever.

Grafs said...

Citi Dividends! Mad cash back baby.