Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You and your damn technology

How much do you love the people who wear the cordless cell phone earpieces around the office? No no, I mean, I can totally see the convenience in this and everything. Truly I wouldn't mind one myself for home use. But. A few peeves:

  • I know the temptation is strong, but do you really have to keep talking on it while you're in the bathroom, using the bathroom? When it's a business call?
  • Sure, we've all dropped calls before. But your limit for number of times to say "hellooo?" before realizing and accepting that the call has been dropped is 2, maybe 3 - not 7 or 8. And you don't have to holler like your caller has fallen down a well or something, either.
  • Please don't look directly at me while you're talking to someone else on your headset.
  • If you talk to me while that headset is on, I'm just gonna ignore you because I'll think you're talking to someone else.

side note:
When I worked at the drycleaners that had a drive-thru window, I'd occasionally get these headset people. And the difficult thing was that I'd only see the left side of their face, not realizing their headset was on the right. So one time, dude pulls up and says hello in my direction. I say good morning and am prepared to continue with this transaction. Only to get the raised "pshht" hand and hear him continue his conversation on the phone, while ignoring me. This is a drive-thru, mind you. If someone else had come along, he wouldn't have thought twice about holding up the line. I wish I could say I did something really cool in this situation, but I just turned and walked away from the window, ignored him when I heard him say "Okay, I'm ready now" and then let him wait and bang on the counter a couple times before I came back over. I can't remember now, but I wonder if that was the same fuck who'd come through, throw his dirty clothes at you and say "I'm in a HURRY, I'm late for SURGERY" and all acted like he was a doctor and like that gave him priority over everyone else. But later we found one of his business cards and he was just a medical supply sales rep. Jerkass.


Peggasus said...

I hate all things cellular. Like chicks that walk through the grocery store loudly chatting for all to hear about their fucking business. Assholes.

But pee-calling is the worst. Seriously, what have we come to when that happens?

Ver. 2.8 said...

I feel your pain. I have talked to so many other poeple on there hands free not knowing they are talking to someone else. The worst thing I hhate more is when someone speaks polish or spanish in front of me. Its the fast way for me to tell someone off in a very polite way.

Nervous Girl said...

peggasus - I know it. I mean, I know that since the age of cordless phones people have been taking them in the bathroom - I just didn't expect to hear that at work. What do these people think when they are having a serious conversation and then hear *flush* (and hopefully not *plunge plunge*) Bleh!

ver 2.8 - wait, are you saying you speak spanish and polish or you just don't like hearing it?

The Big Cheese said...

To answer your first question...I fucking hate them. When did it become cool to wear that shit 24/7? I am at a basketball game and there is a dildo walking around with one on. People and their fucking cell phones. I want to punch someone when they answer their phone at dinner or in the shitter...yea, at work you hear them just talking away on the pooper.