Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Who likes blurry cat pics? I do, I do!

There's plenty more where these came from! Bwahahaha ahh aha.

soooo snuggly



shower lickins: the forbidden pleasure


Peggasus said...

Haha! Shower lickins!

I save the juice when I drain a can of tuna and give it to Jinx, a litle bit right then and more on her dried food later. I think it is her favorite thing in her little feline world!

Scott said...

The shower lickins, that is so funny, cause Fred will do the same thing ever though he has fresh water in his waterbowl.

girlfiend said...

Shower water's delicious. Sometimes my Isaac forgets and hops in while the shower's still running.

swirly girl said...

I love the *snoof* pic...

Anonymous said...

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