Friday, March 31, 2006

Inconsequential Stuff

  • Jon Stewart is a DILF. Just thought you should know - mrrowwr!
  • I like Stephen Colbert quite a bit too.
  • I probably should not be allowed to have those sugary imitation coffee drinks, like I did yesterday
  • I've still got dangly plastic bits hanging off of my car cause I haven't gotten it fixed since the little incident.
  • And I still haven't done our fucking taxes - shit!
  • I've got too much butt for these jeans
  • I can still smell his shaving cream from this morning's kisses - mmm.
  • Hormone levels may have temporarily returned to normal.


El Diablo De Verde said...

Stewart and Colbert can deliver my news to me anytime. And they often have a better take on it than just about anyone at CNN.

SayUnderpants said...

Jon Stewart IS one sexy tiny man. I'm a sucker for a little grey hair and a lot of funny!

swirly girl said...

Is said ass spilling out of jeans? No? Well, then it's fine.

Will said...

nothing wrong with some ass.

Blush said...

stephen colbert is my hero

Lovely Lisa said...

I have had a crush on Jon Stewart since puberty!