Monday, October 06, 2008

What I meant to say was

I've got to get out of the habit of second-guessing everything. I suppose that goes along with insecurity and indecisiveness (not saying those are my good traits) but geez! It just took me like a half hour to write a stupid two sentence email response. I wrote and rewrote the damn thing, trying to come off as funny-yet-professional, then of course thought of a much better way I could have worded it after it was too late. And what's worse than the initial trying-to-be funny email than a follow-up email explaining "wait, no - that wasn't substantially funny, was it? Disregard that last message and read this belatedly clever response instead! Ho ho... ha HA, my friend! Glad I sent you THAT one, eh?"

Well, at least I didn't do that (the second email). But I did write this.

Update: I earned myself a "Lol" from one of the business-types - I shall let this one rest.

No wonder it has taken me a month to write a damn blog saying not much of anything and I still end up republishing it 3 times. Garrgh.

Words questioned in the making of this post: indecisiveness, belatedly, substantially, clever, et al. (Also just looked up et al. before committing to it.)

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Anonymous said...

I DID once follow up a long-worked-on email with a second email that said, "No, wait, what I SHOULD have said was..." Sigh.