Monday, October 20, 2008

Drug references

J and I both have sinus issues and usually his treatment of choice is nasal spray - or "nose candy" as we like to call it - but there's only so much of that you can use. So he asked me to pick up some real Sudafed the next time I was at Target (which you have to ask for at the pharmacy and show your ID to get these days).
"Ok, but they're going to put me on some kind of government list"
"For one box of Sudafed?"
"Well, when I tell them that 'I needs to git some REAL Sudafed, the kind with the meths in it, cuz the nose candy just don't cut it anymore'."

Ba dum dum tssht.

Another odd thing I noticed with the whole "ok, we'll sell this to you but it's not like we don't know what you're using it for" initiative was at a gas station that's not too far from a couple shady neighborhoods. Behind the counter - along with the chaw, mini-thins and torch-lighters - they now have a bunch of those Chore Boy scouring pads. Do you think they'd copy an ID of someone who asked for one of those (that uhh, won't melt, will it?) and a butane lighter? Are scouring pads now in the category of possible drug paraphernalia , or is it that crackheads kept stealing them when they were out on the shelves (or both)? I don't know, it just seemed sort of funny, and sort of sad. Maybe I'm behind the times, but I wonder if more and more items will keep being restricted because of druggies. I imagine potheads are somewhat exempt from future restrictions though - they might have to ask for "rolling tobacco" papers but they'll still make a bong or pipe out of just about anything.

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Swistle said...

I laughed so unexpectedly and suddenly at "ok, we'll sell this to you but it's not like we don't know what you're using it for," I choked on my own spit.