Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Well hey, it's been awhile, again. October? Really?! Ack! Nooooo! Time needs to slow down and I need to speed my ass up. I feel like I'm so behind on everything and for no real (good) reason.

There's so much to be angry and/or worried about! But that's not a good place to start.

In happy news, I got a new vacuum from J for my birfday! Totally unexpected (although J points out that I have been longingly gazing at fancy vacuums while frowning at our $40 vacuum with disapproval for years), so it was a great surprise. And apparently it "nevah. loses. suction." I don't know if I am used to this vaccum's awesome power yet - a sock on the floor that would just get pushed out of the way with the old vacuum would now be devoured from a foot away by the new one. (Not that I uh, leave dirty laundry on the floor all the time or anything, heh.) The cat is both intimidated and impressed by it, and is working overtime to create more fur to be spread around the house. It's kind of gross yet satisfying to see how quickly the canister fills up with dust, fur and other particles of nastiness and how it's fluffed up old cheap carpet that I didn't think could be fluffed. So, score!

In other, crabbier, news: gray hair sucks. More keep popping up, and aren't just silvery versions of my regular hair, but coarse and kinky little bastards that demand attention. I've colored (well, begged people close to me to color) my hair on and off for years, but it sure is a pisser to feel like you have to!

I'm posting this several days late and a few points short, but at least it's something newish for now-ish.


KC said...

OK. Now I have vacuum envy. Thanks so much.

Black Sheeped said...

Thanks for the link. And those paws? Those paws are AWESOME.