Friday, September 29, 2006

Yeah, it's one of those cat posts

In her old age, this cat has become quite a scavenger. That, along with her nearly a dollar-a-day habit of being a catsip fiend is making us rethink our ideas on spoiling cats. I think it's more of a thrill for her just to score the coveted people food than it is to actually eat it. Yesterday I had picked up a two-pack of small sized blueberry muffins from the gas station (yes, because I'm certainly not above gas station treats - shutup.) I ended up bringing them home and gave one to J, then carelessly thought that tucking the cellophane around the other muffin was sufficient. This morning the table was strewn with crumbs and wrappers and the sad little muffin had not only been tossed around recklessly but had several nibbles taken out of it. Little stinker. Who would've thought the cat would have any interest in blueberry muffins? What I don't get though, is not so much how she got it out of the package but how she got the muffin paper completely off the bottom and tossed it aside, still nearly all in one piece. If she can do all that, well then she can take a turn doing the dishes around here too. These cats, I tell ya...


iamnot said...

Opus, my 20 year old tuxedo cat, loves bread product. You cannot eat a sandwich on the sofa. He mugs you!
BTW, I tried the catsip on him. His old system did not like it. I blame the explosive diarrhea on you.

Rootietoot said...

My siamese, Junior, totally lacks the motivation to bother getting up on the table to get something forbidden. He just makes so much racket that you give it to him to shut him up.

What is catsip? Catnip tea? I just let him gnaw the nip off the plant. SD calls him a pothead, cuz it's in a pot.

---- said...

What a precious booty miss! She's so purty, and all booties should be spoiled silly!

(Forgive the cat talk.)


Fluffycat said...

haha, that's awesome.

my brother has a cat that loves sourdough bread, and if they leave a wrapped loaf out, the cat will get into it and eat all the bread, so they have to put it in the fridge.

Nervous Girl said...

iamnot - ew, oh no! But you're probably better off in the longrun not having him get crazy-addicted to it. BTW, I would love to see a pic of this cat (minus the diarrhea please).

rootietoot - Catsip is this milk stuff that is lactose free so it's easier for kitties to digest, and it has taurine added which I guess is good for cats. Ooh, fresh nip - you've got lucky kitties!

nora - ah yes, her cuteness is hard to resist! :)

fluffycat - ha! They get some weird cravings, these cats! Now I think we should've just stuck with plain ol' kibbles.

KC said...

My Charlie-cat loves mint. Mint-flavored toothpaste, breath mints, spearmint gum. If I leave my purse open, he will dig around until he finds my breathmints and will lick the exposed one at the end of the tube. Ugh! Also, he loves me most just after I brush my teeth. Plenty of kitty kisses for me then!