Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gentlemen, behold

You must understand that once you start giving this stuff to your cat, you will never be allowed to stop. I think it might even say that in the fine print somewhere. Just so you know.

Goodness people - I'm serious, once you start with this as a treat you've got a fiending cat underfoot every time you go to the fridge. Ha, I even found some testimonials on the catsip site! Oh and you can also find out there what stores in your area have it. Good luck!


iamnot said...

I have a 19 year old cat that's on his last legs. Maybe I'll get some of this and see if he likes it. He could use a treat.
It's a cinch I won't have to buy it for long.

Nervous Girl said...

We're in the same kind of boat with our cat. She's getting up there in years and has some health problems that can't be easily fixed. We just want her to be comfortable and spoil her while we can.

NeverEnough said...

I have never seen that. Where did you find it?

Beck said...

That ranks right up there with catnip bubbles. For real.

---- said...

The cat on the box looks all 1970's.

=( ^ ^ )=

KC said...

Never heard of this. I wonder if my Charlie-cat might like it. Maybe I could make a deal with him.... I'll give him that milk if he stops leaving his long gray hair on my dark blue carpet. Think that will work?