Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hey hey hey, yes I like it a lot

Even when everything is standing completely still, the humidity makes you instantly sticky and the heat stifles you like being in a headlock under someone's armpit... this is still some good stuff, right here. Summer. Even an indoor kind of person like me wants to embrace this for as long as I can. The first summer in our first house with our first lawn and our first garden. Shootin hoops with my sweetie, the drinkin-n-grillin, having light outside even in the evenings - I have to remember to appreciate these little things before they so quickly slip away. I don't want this to end. In Michigan you gotta enjoy it while it lasts.


iamnot said...

I have a friend who lives on the Upper Peninsula. I have no idea how you guys do it.

---- said...

On the weather portion of the news last night, they were being all "ha ha ha" about how hot it is in some place called Hell, Michigan.

Enjoy your man and your summertime-fun.


girlfiend said...

Hot hot hot

Nervous Girl said...

iamnot - heh, yeah and don't even get us started on the winters! Though I'm sure your friend in the UP has that much worse than we do down here.

nora - ha! I think it's quite the attraction due to the name - I've never even been there so I can't say "I've been to Hell and back" or anything like that!

girlfiend - yay! you get 5 extra music knowledge points!

KC said...

Now that Cure song will be stuck in my head all day. That's ok, tho, because it's one of my faves.

We're also enjoying the grillin'/drinkin' outside our new house in the late evenings. Gotta wait til it's late, tho, because it's too friggin' hot any other time! Several days in a row over 100 degrees! When's it gonna stop?