Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm like, angry at numbers

I guess I see what you productive people mean about just keeping busy and to just keep on moving forward. Because too often I take the time to stop and think about shit too much. And shit gets to me, ya know? Money issues make me want to tear my hair out. I don't know how people do it. I'm probably making more money than someone with my education (or lack of) deserves, yet it's still nothing. I thought I had come so far, but I'm still for the most part living from paycheck to paycheck with no kinds of savings, no 401k, no credit cards, no wealthy relatives, none of that. Bah.
I feel sick about things. Birthday is next Thursday and it seems like I always get kinda down around that time, getting all reflective about shit. There's hardly any of my 20s left and I feel like it's all a blur of time that I've wasted, or at least could've done something better with. I've got a lot on my mind and it's all a jumbled up mess, probably should keep some of this depressing crap to myself. Bah!


Wookiee Rage said...

i haven't been around too much, so i hope this doesn't come off arrogant or high-and-mighty or too familiar, but you're still just a kid. if you were in your 30's maybe you could be worried. you're not, and you've got a home and mortgage. that's more than i have and i am in my 30's.

no credit cards, means no credit card debt and that's awesome (and more than many can say). it's not great for the credit score, but you've already got the house so screw that.

you're doing fine. you've got plenty of time.

(oh, and my word verification is "sxydik". it's like blogger knows the real me.)

iamnot said...'ll be much better when you're looking at leaving your 40s.
Skip the credit cards. Start the IRA/401k.
You've got all the time in the world. Assuming you start right away.

Mr. Husbland said...

Shit, I hate birthday's. It's too bad we can't forget about them either.

The 401k is something you should do. If your employer doesn't offer it/match it, start something yourself IRA etc.

It's a small deduction, but you'll barely notice it and it adds up quickly- especially over the next 30 years.

Beth said...

Fret not. We're here to read all the stuff, depressing or not. I hear your fear and relate. Keep on, though. It always ebbs and flows. Such is life, hey?

For the record, I hate celebrating what feels like another wasted year to me. Look to the good. There's some there, I can guarantee it... mostly.
(oh, and my word verification, "xbippyrs," says absolutely nothing about me. *grin*)

Fluffycat said...

yeah, as wookiee rage said, the fact that you own a house is pretty dang awesome. don't stress yourself out about what you don't have, focus on what you do have. and as the song goes, age ain't nothing but a number. rock on, birthday girl!

---- said...

Oh mylanta...I know how you feel -- a big-ass birthday is coming up for me next month (hint: the 20's will be over) and I've been freaking out about how much I've wasted the last 10 years or so.

But the good side -- I agree with Wookiee on this -- no credit cards saves you *a lot* of pain! I've got *too many* cards -- and while convenient, they can cause a lot of trouble way too easily.

Maybe your man'll give you a nice b-day surprise?


PS - There's a hell of a lot of stuff you *have* accomplished that not a lot of other folks your age have done -- be proud of that!

Yossarian said...

here is how to overcome your hatred of numbers - count how many snakes are on the plane.