Monday, August 21, 2006

blow up the outside world

  • Finally watched Brokeback Mountain. I thought it was pretty damn good, but I had expected that much. Never was a huge fan of either of the guys, but they both did a fantastic job with their characters. I thought he always seemed goofy before but I couldn't help but get hot and bothered over Jake Gyllenhaal and his big sad eyes. Hubba hubba. Oh and there are a couple extremely brief shots of hot boobies too.
  • I keep having dreams that we've moved out of our house and into a much crappier one, and it all happens so fast I don't know what's going on or why we moved. I think it's my stupid subconscious fears about my boss moving our office.
  • I got to see the new office last week. I don't know. I expected the worst, as I am known to do and it wasn't exactly that awful. It's an old old house with an old old smell, but I guess it will be "cozy" as my boss says. I feel like it would be too wrong of me to add to his stress by protesting - it's not my choice to make (even though I tried giving him many other suggestions that he didn't care to look into) but I'm still really opposed to the location, not just for me but from a client's standpoint. If any of them visit us, that is. But alas, it'll be something... different. And I won't have to listen to these loud-ass people who share the office space we're in now for much longer.
  • I hate it when you're driving in the hood and punkass kids won't get out of the street. It's not that they don't know you're there - they'll look right at you and even slow down if they're crossing the street walking in front of your moving car. Daring you to do something, because fuck you for being in their neighborhood anyway.
  • My attitude really sucks lately. Sorry about that. Sometimes I wish my inner feelings weren't so transparent to the outside world.
  • Here's one of my favorite bits from Dr. Katz to help cheer things up.


iamnot said...

Run the buggers over. Eventually, word will get around.
Hope it gets better.

Yossarian said...

your is what will make it better


Anonymous said...

In Washington if you dont stop for the people walking you will get a ticket... if there is a cop around that is. Where I use to live here we would just walk out infront of cars and they would stop. I did that in Seattle just yesterday not knowing my head was in the clouds if you know what I mean and I almos got ran over. Hope all is well


Fluffycat said...

yeah i think the law is the same in california, but sometimes i think, man i could just teach them a lesson. not kill them, but you know, wing them a little bit and teach them a lesson.

Nervous Girl said...

iamnot - exactly. :)

yossarian - oh you crazy kids with your Snakes on a Plane!

BER - Ha, I was near your old stompin grounds last time that happened! I mean, peeps gotta cross the street - that's fine but they don't gotta be all slowin down to represent and shit.

fluffycat - yeah, you know - just a little nudge-nudge to get the point across!

girlfiend said...

I love Dr. Katz. We'd totally be friends if we lived closer. And kids in the street? I hate them. I'd run them down if I could. I hate the defiant 4 year olds who see you coming and step down off of the curb on purpose. Or is that just a Philly phenomenon?

Christine said...

Naaa, they do the same thing in Orlando. Like a game to see which one of their friends will be road kill first.

NeverEnough said...

Loved this post. It defined my whole attitude this week! Love you girl!