Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"It smells like burning"

I'm not too fond of the people at work lighting matches in the bathroom to cover their poo smell. Granted, I don't really want to smell their poo either, but it's a relatively small office and this tends to just make other people freak out because they think something is on fire. I go out in the hallway to make copies and my eyes and nose are instantly burning with the smell of flaming poo.
A new addition has also been made to the line up of bad air fresheners in the bathroom. Someone brought in one of those el-cheapo vanilla body sprays, perhaps a rejected Christmas gift? Unlike most people, I'm not a big fan of the fakey vanilla fragrances to begin with. Combined with the other smells, we might as well just have some old guy hanging out in the bathroom puffing on some vanilla pipe tobacco. Blech.

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El Diablo De Verde said...

Relieve yourself of the poo smell and come to my shitty blog and fill out the bathroom cabinet meme!

---- said...

Ew, I hate all those fragrances. They all just make the room smell like scented poop. (The only one I think actually does some good is that unscented Oust stuff.)

I didn't know people really lit matches to mask the smell -- I thought it was just one of those "did you know?" science-ey facts. Weird.

Butchieboy said...

Ozium is your buddy. It will kick the shit out of the poo smell.

Nervous Girl said...

el diablo - done, thank you!

thepinkgoldfish - you're right - Oust isn't so bad if I had to choose. And I know, I thought the lighting a match was just a hillbilly tradition!

butchieboy - never heard of that, but it sounds high tech and powerful - will have to check it out.