Thursday, April 06, 2006


Alright, then. We're keepin it in the bathroom, folks. I normally am not one to participate in your meme-ery, but as you may know, I do have an interest in bathroom products. In fact, whether it's my mom or boyfriend - whoever I live with is usually subjected to an annoying amount of products lining the bathtub, along with several drawers and shelves worth of shampoo, bodywash, perfume, lotion, etc. And who can turn down a tagging from El Diablo de Verde when he asks so nicely?

1. Body soap?

I try something new all the time, but right now it's SoftSoap Pomegranate & Mango bodywash (it's sweet but not sickeningly sweet) and Dial Green Tea & Vitamin E bodywash (it's nice and fresh-smelling and not so girly, so the boyfriend can use it too).

2. Face wash?

Aveeno skin brightening scrub & Olay daily face wash for sensitive skin

3. Shampoo?

Also changes frequently, but me and the boyfriend both like L'oreal Vive for frequent use - smells fresh and citrus-y!

4. Moisturizer?

Dove for sensitive skin

5. Cologne/Perfume?

Breathe Romance by Bath & Body Works, various others depending on my mood

6. Deodorant/Anti-perspirant?

I'm not too particular, but Ban, Lady Mitchum & Lady Speed Stick are decent

7. Toothpaste?


8. Mouthwash?

Cool Mint Listerine

9. Razor?

some kinda Schick or imitation of

10. Shaving cream?


11. Aftershave?


12. Missed anything?

- Hmm, I like this orange hair goo I have called Potion 9 by Sebastian. It smells good and helps control the frizzies. It's probably the only item among these that's over $10, because I'm cheap, bitches! If I could afford it, I'd probably buy Aveda or Bumble & Bumble goodies.
- Oh, and it'll totally throw off my day if I don't have Q-tips for my ears, especially right after showering.

13. Whose bathroom shall we raid next?
Whoever is willing, please join in and let me know! But if I must call some of you out, then so be it. Just you know, do it if you want to and let me know or whatever. No pressure.

A few ladies:

A couple fellers:

*Bonus Questions*

14. Do you prefer a bath or a shower?
Our new place has a double-sized (double-wide?) shower, which is fine with me although I did like the occasional bubble-bath.

15. Your most disliked fragrances (air-freshener or otherwise)?
As we discussed in the last post, fakey vanilla stuff (just gives me a headache) and I've never been too fond of rose-scented stuff either.


El Diablo De Verde said...

You smell purty. I use Potion 9, too. LOL I'm a fag.

Thanks for doing the meme. Do the next one will you, darling? Thank you. xoxo

El Diablo De Verde said...

WTF? Blogger, j00 sux0r. >:O

Nervous Girl said...

el diablo - Hee hee, I thought there was an echo in here! I buh-leted the xtra comments, blogger must've gone wacko!

HemisphereDancer said...


Here's the run-down:

SOAP - Handsoap on my vanity in the bathroom is the Ecualyptus Spearmint Aromatherapy crap from Bath & Body Works. I don't know what Trixie has...The bathsoap is the same...I like the poof. I know, I am a poof.

FACE WASH - Gotta go with the Face Cleanser from the Men's section of The Body Shop. For extra fanciness, I also exfoliate with their Face Scrub.

SHAMPOO - Herbal Essences...I think some kind of Pomegranate or something...don't know. Not important.

MOISTURIZER - I've got some kind of Vitamin B or C or D or whatever from The Body Shop. For the hands, you've got to have the Hemp Chanvre from the same store...Even Trixie is an addict.

COLOGNE - Am I feeling "Emo"? If so, it's Armani Aqua D' Gio. Preppy? Then it's Polo Blue. 80's Preppy? That calls for Old School Polo in the green bottle. Going dancing? Calvin Klein Contradiction. Saucy? Versace Black Jeans...Trixie hates this one. Mid-life crisis? Polo Romance. I've probably got five or six more on my vanity, but won't continue to bore you.

DEODORANT - Strangely enough, Speedstick by Mennen. Can't remember the flavor, but it's not Musk.

TOOTHPASTE - Tom's of Maine baby.

MOUTHWASH - Same as above.

RAZOR - Probably the same one I got for free in the mail on my 18th birthday, some kind of Gillette. I have actually changed the blades a couple of times since then.

SHAVING CREAM - It's either the stuff in the Men's section of The Body Shop, or Colgate mug shaving soap.

AFTERSHAVE - What am I 50? If I did wear aftershave, it would be Aqua Velva...

Will said...

I did mine too

Nervous Girl said...

HD - Thanks for joining in and sharing your secrets to freshness! Yes, the poof - gotta have the poof! I've tried to turn my boyfriend on to the poof - a manstyle poof though - in gray.
Your section on cologne deserves applause. Thank you, that was a great response.

Will - Thanks for cooperating too! I think us ladies are a bit curious about the bathroom goods that boys use, too! No? Just me? Well, thanks for humoring me anyway. :)

Grafs said...

Awright I'll get on it. Thanks for the tag!

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