Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nobody, that's who

Whew doggy, is this blog stale or what? You might say I've been keeping busy elsewhere. Or, you might say I'm just a lazy sack of shit. Let's move on!

In work-related news, we moved into the new office pretty smoothly. For the most part, it's a step up from the old place and a lot more officey and professional looking. We're downtown now, and thankfully downtown has improved somewhat in the last few years. And maybe it's just that my extra layer of fat is working as a protective shield, but so far there's been much less random yelling of things or being accosted by shady strangers than there used to be. So that's a plus!

My car, however, is not enjoying the downtown driving. Or probably any kind of driving, but stop-and-go, stop-and-go type of traffic is especially unappreciated by it's not-so-good transmission these days. We'll see what the shop says, but hopefully I can afford to get it fixed and get some more life out of it. Ugh.

So, the shows on Bravo are horribly addictive. Did anyone else watch Step It Up & Dance? Niiick! Coooody! Mmm, a Nick and Cody sandwich! But yeah, good show - just ended last week. I'm also an avid watcher of Top Chef, which is almost over... but then, new seasons of Shear Genius and Flippin Out are on the way - it just never ends! I... I can stop any time!

Well, Father's Day is coming up and as usual, I'm still at a loss for finding just the right thing. Even with cards, I get so frustrated year after year of looking at the stereotypical sentiments. Beer, golf, fishing, farting and always having been there to shell out cash to your unappreciative kids is apparently the gold standard of Father's Day cards. Where are all the cards for the "dysfunctional but working on it" families with recovered alcoholics, foggy memories and estranged relationships? Wait, no - I've seen some of those new age type of cards (Dad, you were always there/ except for when Mom kicked you out/ but you were there in spirit/ and that's what truly counts!) and uh, they are sometimes more painful than just searching for that short and sweet, somewhat generic but not completely unthoughtful sentiment.

Catch up with you later. I'm off to find lunch.

Updated to add: Speaking of cards, for dads with a (dark) sense of humor, there's a Father's Day selection at the highly-recommended someecards.


iamnot said...

Hey! You're not dead!
Turn the TV off and blog. Where's your priorities?

Peggasus said...


I can hardly wait for the Top Chef Finale tomorrow night! I am hoping for Stephanie to win, but I would also not be unhappy if Richard did. They are both not only talented but nice, nice people as well. I may even be drinking some champagne for it. Shrimp cocktail may also be involved, for this is my recipe for Festive.

I don't have to worry about Father's Day, as I don't have one any longer, but I will be missing mine. I bought the Husband a rotisserie for our new grill, but that may actually be more for me than him, so...whateve. It will be his 'present.'

Beckalicious said...

Was starting to wonder if you were still alive.

I can't wait for the new season of Project Runway. And I won't tell you what other god-awful trainwreck of a reality show I've gotten sucked into during it's Saturday marathons, where I lay on the bed and watch SIX HOURS just to see who America's Next Top Model is... oops. Did I just say that?

That Nervous Girl said...

Thanks for still coming by, blogger peeps! And sorry for not responding to comments sooner.

@iamnot - hey! you're right - priorities (there's always blogging when I should be working instead, eh?)

@peg - Top Chef turned out pretty well, eh? Did you watch the reunion show last night? No big shockers there, but a good show nonetheless. I still say Mark (New Zealand guy) is the coolest.

@beck - I haven't watched either of those, but it's probably only a matter of time... must resist! Also, good to see you and glad to hear you're getting recouped and back on your feet. :)

Swistle said...

Ha! It's always challenging to find a Father's Day card for Paul's dad. I need one for when you DON'T love and appreciate the father, nor has he ever been there, nor was he a good example, and in fact he hasn't been in touch for years. I always settle for one that says "Happy Father's Day" and nothing else. I hope for an ironic tone. I'd put quotes on it if I could get away with it: Happy "Father's" Day.