Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blah blah shopping, blah blah girly stuff

Oh, the mall - she's a cruel mistress. But the semi-annual sales! They beckoned! It now makes sense that Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works are owned by the same company, and seem to do their sales at the same time. Go to both stores and you get lost in this time warp slash customer service loop and before you know it, it's been 2 hours and you're sweaty and tired and you kind of hate people and don't even care what you purchased. One of the things I purchased, it turns out, is a bra that still has the clunky fuckin security sensor still attached to it. Great. I kindly listened to this girl's spiel about the stupid VS credit card so her manager would stop glaring at her and insisting she give me a mesh shopping bag. (Really, I think the mngr was standing behind me mouthing "Bag? Did you give her a bag?" and the girl had to stop and say "no, she's about to check out, she didn't want one" and then apologize to me, because apparently giving out the boogered up shopping bags is a HUGE DEAL, because it's so goddamn CONVENIENT for the consumer. Sure, I might not want to expose my lingerie selections to everyone, but they need to back off a bit. You so much as lay a finger on a bra in there, immediately a salesgirl is thrusting a bag toward you "How about a bag? Taaake eet! Shopping more convenient with bag! Take thee bag pleeeease!" You can already have a bag, and they try to give you a bag, it's seriously redonk.) So I'm gonna have to dodge her again and take back the bra (which probably doesn't fit anyway) and prove that I didn't try to steal it, they just didn't take the stupid security tag off... because trying to give/sell you crap that you don't want is more important than your actual purchase! Bah. And they charged me twice for something B&BW, which I realized while in the parking lot, so I had to go through the cluster-fuck of salespeople again... (no bag thanks! Just trying to make it to the register!) and was seriously needing to mainline some of their Tranquil Mint Aromatherapy by the time I got out of there. (But hey, the aromatherapy line of stuff really is good! And 5 bucks each instead of 13!) Oh and how come both stores have to always be about 90 degrees inside? Seriously, I wonder if that's on purpose to make people delusional and spend-happy, or if it's to get people in and out quickly because they are SWEATY and THIRSTY and CAN'T BREATHE in there.

Oh I am just a crotchety ol' thing, aren't I?

But hopefully a good smelling one.

Also, the required asking for phone number, email address, etc. kind of crap whenever you try to complete a transaction is really annoying. Why don't I just shop online? Because shipping from either place takes FOREVAH!

And I go on like this.

/shopping rant>

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Swistle said...

I love the aromatherapy stuff, too, but I don't know if I can face their store. It totally depends on how crowded it is: too crowded and the lines are crazy, not crowded enough and the salespeople start getting sharky.