Thursday, July 20, 2006

to accept the things I cannot change...

Sometimes someone needs you to step up to the plate. They need you to be strong and assertive and helpful and all the things you're not more than ever before. It should be your chance to shine. It might be, if you were the average normal good person. But instead of stepping up to the plate, you just stare at the plate. Just stare at it - frozen, numb, silent. Thinking about it. Hoping it will magically go away, solve itself. It just seems like too much and all turns into a pounding mess in your head. You just get those big baby tears in your eyes the way that's totally socially unacceptable to do at your age and try to will yourself to take a few shaky steps closer to that damn plate, all the while wanting to turn and run away.
By "you" of course I mean me. One of those stupid things.


---- said...

Unrelated, but I forgot to tell you that I really am digging your new template!


(And I get the big baby tears, too, btw.)

Feral Mom said...

Nervous Girl, I really like you. Have a good cry, but then snuggle with your kitty and chizz-ill.

Nervous Girl said...

- Thanks Nora! The other new one I had used was loading all funky so I'll settle with this one for a bit. :)

- Feral Mom - I like you too. No dude, I mean, I really like you. Thanks for the support.