Friday, July 21, 2006

Dolor de cabeza

Blargh. Something doesn't feel quite right today. Tummy troubles, hurty head, dark clouds moving in. Think I'd like to just snuggle up with the cat and my sweetie and catch up on some Deadwood episodes that we've missed. We'll see. My Fridays are known to be pretty low-key.


KC said...

You're a Deadwood fan? Me, too! I get pissy if I can't sit down and watch it on Sunday night. And don't dare call me -- I will not answer the phone while it's on.

Peggasus said...

If you lived near me, I would invite you over right this moment for a glass of wine, a beer, or a good vodka-kept-in-the freezer & tonic, and some slow, rambling conversation when you felt like talking. No pressure.

Hey! Move to central Illinois! Now there's a plan!

Nervous Girl said...

kc - Yep, you know it! I didn't think at first that I'd like that kind of show, but we've been hooked since the first episode aired. I'm glad we have the Tivo-type thing to record it, but like you - I like setting aside that time on Sunday for it, plus it's something to look forward to even when the weekend's about over!

peggasus - that's so sweet and I definitely would hang out with you. Yes, I'd like the vodka drink please. I'll even have it in the booger glass - I ain't fancy. :)