Friday, July 14, 2006

Bees in my bonnet

The 10 things I hate list (as suggested at Gone Feral - please read her list, it's much funnier)

  1. Dates & figs - blech! That tingling feeling behind my ears and the involuntary shuddering is nature's way of saying that these should never be passed off as a sweet treat, except maybe to a desperate fruitbat. Gross.
  2. Playing "Find That Smell" - especially in the kitchen. Even if you win, you lose. Note: it was the potatoes.
  3. Bitches who want to compete with you even though you're not trying to compete. Yes, you have an overly-inflated sense of self worth and something to prove - that's wonderful. Go away.
  4. That people feel the need to push, push, PUSH their religious views &/or diet plans (which is worse?) on others. I understand that they found a lifestyle that works for them (or as they might say "the truth") and they think everyone should, it's just when they gotta be all up in your face about it - it's not cool. Agree to disagree.
  5. How there's always someone at every job that has to remind the rest of us that she "doesn't even need this job" because her husband makes GOOD money.
  6. Car problems. Nuff said.
  7. When the damn blog template doesn't load right and the background images aren't there and the whole thing has just gone to shit for no reason. Grghh! That really burns my butter.
  8. An empty inbox. Even when it's deserved due to my lazy ass.
  9. Dueling alarm clocks. One on each side of the bed. Every weekday morning at 5 or 7 minute intervals. You'd think that we'd wise up and not both hit snooze(s) repeatedly for almost an hour, but well... we do. Even though we hate it.
  10. Bugs - especially earwigs, the creepy bastards. Their name alone gives most people who've known these little fuckers a wicked case of the heebie-jeebies. Do they even have a fucking purpose?

Honorable mentions:

- "Hollaback Girl" - yeah, I said it. Everyone loved this ear-bleedin song but me.
- Guilt trips. The only kind of family trip you can count on.
- Water chestnuts - gak!
- Jewel. This may just get a post of it's own.

Rather than dishing out the taggings - why don't you crazy hatin kiddos just let me know if you make a shitlist of your own? Come on, let it out!


Grafs said...

Very swell list. I'll probably start concocting one soon. About the competitive bitch? Yeah, I HATE them too. In fact, I have one in my life right this minute. Blech!

Feral Mom said...

This is high art, is what it is. I love the job-related hatred, and the swearing. And earwhigs? Holy hell, I hate those things too. Not to mention water chesnuts. Damn, girl, you brought the hate but good.
p.s. Am grooving on the 70s-esque template! Nice!

Beck said...

Pack your bags, kids, we're going on a guilt trip!

That's about the only kind of vacation I get. And I get to go quite often.

---- said...

Jewel the singer or Jewel the grocery store?


Nervous Girl said...

grafs - thanks and I'll look forward to your list. I know - the whole competitive thing is endlessly annoying.

feral mom - well thank you, you got the high part right - ha! Glad I could pitch in with the hate.

beckalicious - ha! sounds like you know all too well what I'm talkin about.

nora - I should've specified - the singer. But back in the day before the stores sorta got phased out around here, the Jewel Osco always had a sticky floor - so I guess there was that to hate! :)

myblackfriendsays said...

I think you should make a 10 things you love list. Or else you're going to get an ulcer. And yes, I'm aware ulcers are caused by bacteria, not stress-- but just go with it.