Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Right, you're bloody well right

Pissing me right off (not the official list):

  1. that I can't say what I want
  2. that if I do say what I want, I'll be considered "too sensitive" or "overreacting" and not a "team player"
  3. that nothing I say seems to make a difference anyway
  4. that I don't have the skillz to qualify for much else jobwise
  5. I've only got a nasty imitation slim-fast (not even real slimfast) and overly salty pretzels for "lunch"
  6. that my mom gave me crap even about eating pretzels, saying I "better watch those carbs!"
  7. money issues
  8. that you can practically see my bra through the gap between buttons on this shirt (the shirt is stretchy but my rack is bigger than it used to be)

Funny enough, I wrote this post (Wednesday) before I knew I had been tagged by Feral Mom to list 10 things I hate. Oh I'm sure I can manage to stir up and spew forth some more hatred - stay tuned! Woohoohahaha....

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