Monday, June 12, 2006

sweet peas vs. sweet feets

sweet peas 1

sweet lil feets 2

1 Both moms warned me about the sweet peas and continuously scolded "You've gotta pull these damn things out of your garden before they take over!" but I insisted we at least leave a few and let them bloom. They do have purty flowers at least. I guess they can get crazy-invasive and have these little viney strands that will grab and choke other plants, or maybe cross-breed with them if it suits their fancy (it had previously tried to get it on with the nearby bleeding-heart flowers). One of them grabbed a piece of my hair the other day, so we'll see what freaky hybrid comes of that.

2 You mustn't touch!

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---- said...

Funny that something with a name like "sweet peas" can be so evil.