Monday, June 19, 2006

Soft Bulletin

This album brings me back. To a time when we had much less. To bitterly cold mornings of brushing layers upon layers of snow off of our cars out in the apartment parking lot. How sometimes a clump of snow would manage to slip down between my jacket and glove, stinging and melting on my wrist. And how in winter the car exhaust would hang stagnantly in the air, the smell clinging to our coats and our hair for hours afterward. I think of how you looked, just coming in from the cold. Pink flushed cheeks, glasses getting foggy, a dusting of snow turning to water droplets on your back. The way our cold lips would warm up against each other in a quick moment before it was time for us to head out to work. I'd be all worried about the roads and you'd always manage to comfort and encourage me, the way you do - like it's just second nature.
You kept me going, even when I didn't want to. And you know, you still do. I love you so damn much.


Peggasus said...


And I mean that like, 'sweet,' not 'sweeeeet,' though it is that too.

And also refreshing on a really hot and humid summer day.

Just like a glasss of tall iced tea.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Nice word pictures --- and a sweet sweetie to boot....

We've spent so much time in cold places I could really feel this one.. although you missed the cold on your teeth -- people from down south don't understand that one either.

KC said...

Lovely. I could "see" all of it as you described it.

---- said...

Go, descriptive writing!

I hope you got some good lovin' last night. ;)