Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nice scarecrow, jackass

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The house I grew up in had a steep hill behind it which led to "the woods" which was mostly a dense, narrow band of pine trees stretching past several houses. Going up the hill would almost always guarantee that your shoes, socks and lower pantlegs would be covered by those annoying little sand burrs. If you've experienced them, you know how fun a task it is to pick them out of your clothes!
All I remember about the woods was that the boys would take the opportunity to pee on trees (just 'cause they could) and try unsuccesfully to get people to fall into this hole that they carefully covered with sticks and leaves like some sort of trap. And that one time my brother shot a crow and hung the corpse so it was swinging from one of the pine trees. It hung there for a long time, during a hot summer and of course decayed and was all gross and stuff. Not sure if that ever actually took care of a crow problem, or if there even was one. I know it really bothered me and my mom. I can't quite remember, but maybe my brother had gone to a redneck version of boyscouts or some shit.

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