Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chirpin birdies

So, Old Lady Nervous bought a birdfeeder (and some fancy-shmancy birdfood, mind you) a couple weeks ago. This was partly an attempt to make a peace offering to the sweet little chickadees who would dee-dee-dee their heads off, guarding their house (shown here) whenever I was outside pulling weeds in their area. This was my way of saying "Hey, I'm cool with birds, it's all good. I'm not trying to eat your babies, so don't like freak out and eat them yourselves or anything." It also was to provide some entertainment (just by watching through the window) for the cat. And me.

For a little while, it seemed pretty quiet around there. I wondered if they weren't diggin on the seed. Then we started seeing a few wee little chickadees (and they're pretty wee anyway) hanging out at the feeder. I'm not positive that they're the same ones, but they're quite cute nonetheless. It took a little while, but now the word is out. It's a muhfuhkin bird partay over here! Peepidy-peep, y'all! There are SO many sparrows, and they've been eating the most. I'm thinking we'll eventually see them just waddle over to the feeder area with their round little bellies and call out "Ey! Can you just uh, whoo boy... (catching breath) just throw some seeds down for us? Bahhgahhk!"

I think I'm enjoying this bird-watching too much. I don't know what's cuter, the birds themselves or the way my cat flattens her ears and makes this very soft, sorta high pitched "cac-ca-ca" whenever they are near her window. Now we have attracted the chickadees, the sparrows, a mourning dove couple, a cardinal couple, some robins that just hang out to see what's going on but don't eat the seed, some chipmunks, a squirrel and Larry the grackle. Grackles have a bad reputation but he's interesting to watch. He mostly just looks for the peanuts in the seed mix and stares with his beady little eyes. I think he's just a misunderstood bachelor. He hasn't been jerky to the other birds, but they tend to all get pissed and leave when he arrives. Except for the male mourning dove. Mourning doves don't really give a shit and are cool. So it's a pretty happy little wildlife situation, especially combined with the occasional bunny. But I do like yelling out "Bird fight! Come one, come all. Grackle vs. Robin! Next round, the middle-weights: Mourning Dove vs. Cardinal! Make your bets. Who's it gonna be?" But um yeah. That's just me. I told you I'm weird.

Too much excitement for this little cat!

Psst! More pics of this cat and other terribly cute pets over at I Love Your Pets!


Will said...

birdhouses? Are you yelling at the kids to stay off of your lawn too?

Peggasus said...

Hahaha! That made me laugh about 5 times!

Grackles are evil. My father-in-law used to shoot them with his pellet gun, and then dispose of the bodies in these little blue plastic sacks we had back then made for poopy diapers. Body bags, we called them.

And........is that perhaps a 'Q' your cat may be trying to make?

Nervous Girl said...

Will - well, in all fairness the birdhouse did come with the house. And I'm more the type to just turn the hose on some kids if'n they's messin in my yard. :)

Peg - Ha! Why yes indeed, she must've taken some notes from Jinx on the good ol cat alphabet!
Yeah, I've heard some bad things about what grackles will do. Larry's pretty cool but I don't think I want a big flock of his friends hanging out and harrassing the other birds. Ah, nature always has it's assholes.