Friday, May 05, 2006

5 and 5 on 5/5

Things I'm not good at:

  1. Eating with chopsticks
  2. Singing "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake on karaoke - it's harder than you'd think!
  3. Reverse cowgirl
  4. Driving in reverse (backing into parking spaces, backing down my driveway)
  5. Reassuring myself

Things I'm good at:
  1. Being self-deprecating
  2. Embarrassing myself
  3. Making myself nauseous
  4. Checking your blogs
  5. Doing naughty things


Ver. 2.8 said...

you never check my blog :( but that is on myspace.

Will said...

I'm no good at self depreciation.

The Big Cheese said...

Doesn't #3 on the bad list and #5 on the good list create a problem?

Nervous Girl said...

ver 2.8 - heh, sorry man - I just don't get myspace (where do people write entries?) it's a whole different, seizure-inducing world to me - nothing against you!

will - good one. :)

big cheese - oh but I can think of so many other naughty things to do to make up for the lack of #3.

m said...

I once tried to sing Beyonce/'Crazy in Love' on karaoke and was essentially booed off the staged, so I'd have to say all karaoke is pretty hard.

I mean, that song has actual lyrics. Not just "got me looking so crazy right now" over and over again. Who would have thought?

m said...

What's also really interesting is that I've never commented here before because I thought you could only do it if you had a Blogger ID. I'm real smart.

Mr. Husbland said...

You're good at doing naughty things?

That would make a post of a 25 entry list.

Yossarian said...

its pretty hard to be bad at reverse cowgirl

Nervous Girl said...

m - well, welcome! I know what you mean about "Crazy in Love" - that's such a hard song, there's NO time to take a breath! Are we both talking about Karaoke Revolution or is it just me? (I like to embarrass myself in the privacy of our home)

mr. husbland - uh oh, you called me out on that one. :P

yossarian - maybe it's more uncomfortable than bad (for me)

swirly girl said...

I'm awesome at the naughty things...too bad I can't find a boy(or a girl) to do them with right now...

p.s. Reverse cowgirl just takes a bit o'pratice...and it's always funn practicing.