Monday, April 03, 2006


Oh, farts. I'm nervous again. But that's just kinda my way, you know?

  1. There could be a possible visit by my estranged brother this coming weekend. It is currently unknown if he will be bringing his pregnant girlfriend whom I have not yet met, or the two children from her previous relationship. I feel a bit uncomfortable, will possibly explain more about that later.
  2. You know, I figured I should probably like get on with doing the taxes and whatnot, ya know? But I only got so far before I ran into something different than in previous years. We're both on the mortgage for our new home, and we're not married. Do we have to decide which one of us claims the shit or split the amount in half and hope the feds figure it out? Do we still get to use the EZ forms? Bleh.
  3. I get to go to the doctor tomorrow and see if they can tell me if my thyroid has truly gone bonkers. When I went in December for a general exam, the NP mentioned on my way out that my thyroid "felt a bit enlarged" and passed me off to the lab to have blood drawn without much of an explanation. I received a card with a check next to "normal" but then why did my throat feel funny and why am I showing several warning signs of a thyroid problem, along with it running in my family? Huh?
  4. My boss will return tomorrow from vacation and hopefully I didn't forget or fuck up anything beyond repair in his absence.


Will said...

I know what you have been up to, and it's been bad.

---- said...

Who the heck is the above person? Creepy.

Anyway, good luck with the tax stuff. I know it can be a pain in the arse.


Blush said...

taxes. ugh. this will be my first year to file.

standard thyroid tests can show normal even when theyre not. did you look up that book i told you about? the thyroid solution by dr. ridha arem. might shed some light on the sitch.


Nervous Girl said...

Umm, it's okay folks. I don't think Will meant to be ominous with his comment. He was most likely referring to #4, and trying to narc me out for slacking off at work, I think.

Anonymous said...

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