Friday, March 17, 2006

Good Stuff

(Not exactly today's turn-ons, but just read it anyway, will ya?
Oh, and here's the turn-offs post)

And now... a few things that shed light onto my otherwise miserable existence day:

  • - having an irishman at home, ready for some shamrocks & shenanigans later on! (woo! jump-up jump-up and get down!)
  • - or more likely, corned beef & cabbage (that's good too!)
  • - having the boss gone due to "March Madness"
  • - listening to Zero 7
And the following really funny and worth checking out sites that I've been meaning to give props to for some time. I think they're pretty galldarn nifty and they crack me up, so there. Do yourself a favor and go have a looksee:

And the following blogs I've been stalking lately that are just so damn funny and intelligent, I am rendered speechless...

Gone Feral - found through Tiny Cat Pants and was hooked. Incredibly hilarious, smart and sassy - even able to make light of things like bad doctor visits and jahooby infections.
Tiny Cat Pants - she's on vacation right now, but she never ceases to amaze and impress me with her political views (that make sense, even to me!) and humor. And I never get tired of her cooter talk.

Alright alright, that's enough ass-kissing for now.

And have a happy St. Patty's day everybody!


Feral Mom said...

You are too kind! Thanks for the kind words, and the link.

Nervous Girl said...

You're very welcome, feral mom! Thanks for coming by!

swirly girl said...

I LOVE Natalie Dee--but I think it's in part to the fact that we share the same first name.