Friday, March 17, 2006

Today's Turn-Offs

For some reason, I tend to get grouchy on Fridays. I know, what the crap? Guess I save it up during the week. Oh, and I don't have a social life that involves the usual "it's Fri-daaay-time-to-par-taaay" thang. Anyway, here are my grievances thus far, a.k.a. turn offs:

  • - tummy aches
  • - bitches who cut in front of me to get their gas station crappycinos
  • - 404 page errors
  • - page-load status insisting on being "done" when infact it is not done, it's not done at all
  • - empty inboxes
  • - toilet odors
  • - bad local radio
  • - as in, that James Blunt "you're be-ooti-fah-hull" song. I've had enough of that. You need to cram it, fuckface.
  • - or that new Destiny's Child/Beyonce/whatever the fuck you are now/ song that's just whiney shlock with an offbeat kinda rhythm, sounds like a twix commercial. Oh yeah, you have no way of telling which song of theirs that is by my description, do you?
  • - stupid faxes with no cover page
  • - my own lame existence

Oh, and how this bulleted list shows up without the bullets, so then I gotta use dashes. That's real nice.

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The Big Cheese said...

Why haven't I been coming to this blog in awhile. funny stuff, lady.