Monday, February 06, 2006


Hey! We did something this weekend! Yeah, out of the house even! Two of our friends and a "not so much a friend as an acquaintance by association, who would be alright if he didn't feel inclined to be a jerk most of the time" were celebrating birthdays. We ended up going to one of the nicer bars downtown. Now some people love the "downtown" because they enjoy the delicate mix of hoity toity too-good-for-you fancy with rundown decrepit and poverty stricken areas. But hey, that's what most "downtown" areas are like, right? Well, it's not all bad really. I can see how some of it has it's charm. I suppose we're getting more and more snooty in our own little way by being in the suburbs now. Although compared to a lot of suburbanites, we probably seem like riffraff. It just depends if you want to be a big fish in a small pond or whatever, I guess. Anyway. All I know is, downtown driving and parking sucks so we kind of avoid it. Plus we both hung out there enough in our coffee shop days.
Anyways, that was quite a build up for not much of a story. The big thing is, NervousGirl got a very enjoyable buzz from a Long Island Iced Tea! Oh wow, I know - one whole drink! But as I've discussed before, I'm not much of a drinker. I would like to be, but it usually doesn't turn out so well. So anyways, it was a very good time and probably less than halfway through my drink I stopped being so self-conscious and actually laughed and talked to people. The only hard part was the not smoking. Ughhh. I wanted to SO BAD... it seemed like everyone else was. But when I smoked it seemed like I was a loner. Wouldn't you know it, smoking is cool, just apparently when I'm not doing it. Damn.


Blush said...

i stole your idea for the poll. youre awesome.

meredith said...
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