Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You know what August 24th means?

Go go go go....I'm a shortie and it's my birfday.

I've got the day off of work, which is pretty cool. There are things I need to accomplish though.
  • sleep in (accomplished)
  • have lunch with mom
  • go to the secretary of state (or DMV as you may call it in your state) and give those fuckers way too much money to get my vehicle registration renewed
  • prepare for upcoming apartment inspection (ie: hide unmentionables, clean up dirty dishes/laundry); get pissed that they even do this inspection shit every year
  • blog/email
  • become inebriated in one way or another
  • ????
We'll see how I do!


HemisphereDancer said...


What, are they tossin' cells?

Make it fun for them, lay all of your "unmentionables" out on your bed and give them a story to tell their friends.

Yossarian said...

tossin salads is more like it.

happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!!! :)

Where's the party at? You going out?

I'd love to join you and your man for the celebration if you're going out somewhere.


--xgeoph ray
DGR Forever!!!

xtx said...



SayUnderpants said...

Happy Birthday!

Blush said...

Happy Birthday--Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Nervous Girl said...

Thanks people! I appreciate it.

xgeoph, I'm feeling too old to go out tonight (I know, I'm lame)... :( but I'll let you know if we go out on the weekend. :)

Jim said...

hap b-day, men mor

Lovely Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day!

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