Monday, August 08, 2005


If you were one of the very few people who looked at this blog this morning and now it's all fucked up, I'm sorry. Maybe it was fucked up before and I just didn't know. I don't want you to see it this way! At home I use Firefox and everything looks all nice, but now I come to the office where we have Internet Explorer and I see that once again my layout is all wacky. It pisses me off. Such trivial things piss me off, I know. But anyways, I fucked around with some stuff and messed up my last post with the hot sexy guy pictures. I know you're probably not missing them, but I am, damnit! Will work on getting that fixed.
I totally had thought, oh yeah I'm learning this HTML shit, but turns out I know nothing!

Update: (11:38AM) Heh, heh - umm, I think it's okay now. I think it was that the template didn't like the use of so many italics in that story I wrote about the crazy magazine-selling girl. That's understandable.



Jim said...

italics is not the problem, Blogger was acting strange all day, especially with loading and seeing pictures, it was not you, learn to blame others like the rest of us

Nervous Girl said...

Yes, that's the ticket.
No, really. I think I actually had a couple problems going on, and I think one of them started on Friday when I put up that italic-y post. This new template I'm using has a few quirks and that's what I saw noted as one of them. But yes, the pictures are taking a LONG time to load too. I'm glad it wasn't just my curse of breaking things affecting the blog!