Sunday, August 07, 2005

I need to stop doing image searches

What is it about the British guys that makes me squirm and involuntarily do kegel excercises?
I don't know, but I like it.
Sorry, I got a little excited there.
Sometimes I can be a real giggly girly-girl when I look at cute boys.
What a rip off, huh?
It's like, not even a real post.
Yes, that's right - it's for my own personal enjoyment.
How selfish.
No really, that's just all I came up with tonight.
Sorry bout that.
But I look at this page a lot, ya know?
So I might as well enjoy it.
You can too, if you want.


Willow said...

i've had a bad day... but i just saw a pic of Orlando bloom in your blog. WOOOOOOOOOT!

He is the epitomy of hotness for me. Always had a soft spot for dark eyes and dark curly hair.

thanks for helping put me in a better mood

Nervous Girl said...

Hi Willow,
Thanks for stopping by, glad his hotness could put you in a better mood, like it does for me! Something about those eyes, they're really soothing I think.