Friday, August 05, 2005

Oh no, she didn't!

Tell me, what's your definition of triflin'? I'm not sure if I'm even spelling it right. One of my old coworkers used to use it quite frequently. I just think it's kind of a funny word, although it's probably overused and I'm just a little slow.

I've heard it used as describing:

  • someone who is unclean/nasty
  • someone who is a cheater/sleeps around
  • someone who uses people for money
  • someone who's a manipulator
  • someone who's all up in your business

Come on, use it in a sentence!

Here's what urban dictionary had to say.

Update: Oh, okay - perhaps I should've used it in a sentence myself. Here are examples of how I've heard it:

  • "You should see how nasty her house is, and she don't even care - that's triflin'"
  • "She's trying to holla at my man! That triflin-ass ho!"
  • "He's triflin... living off his woman, ain't even trying to get a job."


Jim said...

are you confusing it with trifle/trifling, something of little value or importance, also a very small amount of something

a trifling matter.
a trifle of trouble.
he's trifling (wasting) away his time.

Wookiee Rage said...

no, no, no. it's a plain or sponge cake soaked in liquor and topped with layers of jam or jelly, custard, and whipped cream.

mmmmm... triflin' heart...

Nervous Girl said...

Ha ha - damn it, jim and wookiee! :-)

Am I the only one who's spent some time in "da hood"?

SayUnderpants said...

Yeah, I always thought it meant "lazy"...

Jim said...

the examples you added are quotes from your co-worker?????? where on earth do you work?

Nervous Girl said...

Jim - not my current coworker, this is another example from when I worked at the drycleaners, which gave me enough crazy story fodder that it could be a blog of it's own.

Jim said...

check out Braun's July 29th list of a few of the more notable things that customers do, if you have worked retail you will relate

Anonymous said...

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