Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Beavers and bad puns

Remember that beaver from some of the older Disney movies?

I think of him every time the older guy in the office next door comes around because I can hear that as he talks, he whistles through his teeth. So all I hear is "shhht" or "chttt" or you know, however you spell whistling through teeth sounds. He's a sweet old man though, just sometimes I'm not sure how "with it" he is.
He popped his head into my office this morning and said "Hi Jeshica, are you behaving yourshelf?" which was like, almost funny the first 6 times he's said that to me. I usually laugh and say "Oh, I'm trying..." or something like that.
Oh, I know he means well. It's just the slightest bit creepy. I think he wants me to say that I've been a BAD, BAD girl. Or he's just the silly grandpa type. Whatever. But before he left he gave me the eyebrow wiggle and says "Now you be a good girl for the resht of the shummer!"

But really, how much trouble can I get in jusht shitting here at my deshk?

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Dwight Chisholm said...

I think he wants you to say, "I've been bad, and I need a shpanking!"

Excellent post.