Friday, August 26, 2005

Marketing Madness

I had to mention the latest hair product I've tried - Herbal Essences Citrus Lift Let Loose Detangling Spray. I've been impressed with the results and yeah, it smells nice and citruslike...but that's not the point. I find their instuctions amusing.
Directions: Spray lusciously all over your damp or dry hair.
How do you spray lusciously? I mean, I try to be as luscious with the spray as possible, but what am I supposed to do, make the "O" face? Also note that your bathroom floor will become lusciously smooth as well, as in slippery as fuck! Be careful!


Anonymous said...

In case you have not seen any pictures of me I have very long hair now. It gets tangled all of the time and birds occaisonally make nests in it. Since I have used this product the nests in my hair have all gone away and so have the birds. But that damn slippery floor has not. The injuries I tell you oh man the injuries. But yes its a great product not that I would really know but I would try it if I had that problem with my hair just based on the Directions... Sorry about your floor and the sarcastic rant.


Dave said...

If they could make a shampoo or spray that could make me orgasm, I'll settle for the ocasional bathroom injury.

Jim said...

lusciously is an adverb, so it answers the questions "How did you spray?" The logical answer would be "I sprayed with luscious" or "I sprayed with lusciousness" -- neither of which makes much sense. So, the basic questions is whether you trust your head to a company that does not know how to diagram a sentence. And, yes, I really need to find something to do on Friday nights. If only I knew someone with luscious hair!

Jim said...

what I have never understood is why he doesn't just sell that TV station and use the cash to help the homeless, a station in Huntington/Charleston, Wva., just sold for $186 million, and it's a much smaller TV market than St. Louis metro. -- with a couple hundred million he could shelter the homeless, and buy them cars