Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kung Fu Hustle. Do it.

Yeah, we're not big on movie theaters so we got the DVD of "Kung Fu Hustle" yesterday. That's some crazy shit, maaan! It's all over the place! Still not sure if I like it better than the slightly more lighthearted "Shaolin Soccer" - but they're both good. If nothing else, it took my mind off things for a while. They totally got extra points with us for having a small part with this girl that was the Chinese version of Parker Posey.
Oh, and if you watch either of these, I'd strongly recommend the subtitles and not the dubbed versions.
I didn't do laundry last night, so I had a limited selection of things to wear today. I've got this short sleeved green and white striped, button down blouse on that makes me look like I could be the night manager at Long John Silver's. I'm a dork.
I'll try to think of something more to say. It seems as if writer's block is going around. I hope y'all know I love ya though.

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Yossarian said...

shaolin soccer ruled