Thursday, November 13, 2008

Minor Peevances

  • When I go to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer and the Downy ball is open, yet still full of Downy - but of course I don't realize this until I spill it all over the clean clothes, because it was hiding inside a damn pant leg.
  • Boss still pronouncing it "O-BAM-uh" not Oh-bah-mah. It's like hearing your mom talking about "that Snoopy-Dog" or [insert cultural reference of your teens here]. Cringe.
  • Meredith Viera.
  • Socks - most of the time, I don't feel right if I'm NOT wearing them. So how come I have so many crap pairs that either bunch up, fall down, or cut off circulation? Stupid socks.
  • The sound of nails being clipped.
  • Sites that work with Internet Explorer but not Firefox.
  • This bra. I like how the Victoria's Secret Angels/Secret Embrace bras look under clothes and keep the girls in their upright position, but why do they have to be made of friggin mousepad material? It doesn't breathe! Also, the straps suck. Also, going to the store bites. I think I'm gonna have to kick it old school and get bras from Penneys next time.

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Fluffycat said...

Most of my socks were weird and holy and I just broke down and got a big pack at Costco and threw out all the old ones. Has made a huge difference.. well minorly huge anyway.