Thursday, March 20, 2008

Awkward Pause

So, the dentist takes a quick look at my teeth this morning and clasps his hands together and smiles. "Well, let me start by asking you this: do you have good dental insurance?"


Um, no. As in: yeah, none.

I should've said "And now ask me what kind of work I do"

Wait for it...


But it turns out the work needed isn't too terrible. Need some bonding where my stupid gums have receded too much. But still, it sucks to look at spending $100 per tooth, when they say that insurance would cover 50-90% of it, if of course, I had said insurance. Then again, I know it could be much much worse.

Also, it's funny to hear the dentist say "Fascinating... this is the kind of x-ray that dentists want to show other dentists and talk about." I'm assuming he meant the screws and other signs of my jaw surgery, and hopefully not like wow, everybody look at how impressively shitty her teeth are.

My head is hurting, which probably means the onset of a menstrual migraine and/or I need to replace my contacts. Sheesh, just a barrel of monkeys over here!

And yes, since you axed, I have been watching American Idol this season. That's why at our house you'll hear J in the background exclaiming "Arrgh! That's just god-fucking-awful" or "Stay on the beat, damnit!" And of course I can't watch quietly either, I'm usually all "Whaat?! They loved that? Pffft!" But I guess some people must've agreed with me, seeing as how Surly McRaspyvoice finally got voted off last night. Alright, that wasn't nice - I'm sure she'll do well... um, as a Melissa Etheridge impersonator or something? I don't know.

Hey, are any of you into this Twitter thing? I just joined and I know, it's probably like any other web phenomena - as in: now that I'm doing it, it won't be cool anymore - but if you are so inclined to follow my day to day minutia or share yours... well, you know, holla!


Peggasus said...

We've got dental insurance, fortunately, but I haven't been in so long now I'm kinda scared to go, so I keep on procrastinating. And what's worse, the NP hasn't gone in ages either. I am a horrible mother, neglecting my child's dental health like that.

I'm only semi-interested in Idol so far. I keep flipping back and forth between that and Biggest Loser, which I am also only semi-interested in, so together I have a full load of interest.

I kind of like that (shit, I don't even know their names) John Cook? guy. The one I can't figure out if he has an accent or not - that guy.

Quinn said...

Yeah, what peggasus said. I keep chickening out about scheduling an appointment and it's been... um, YEARS. When I finally get there the dentist is going to take one look and say "Yep, we need to replace your whole mouth."